Friday, January 02, 2009

Tears of Joy

Have you ever cried tears of joy?

Why does joy cause tears?

Why does anything cause tears? (other than eye irritation)

No other animal, not even primates, cry emotional tears.

We have a two-year-old, Devorah, who starred in my recent videos (did you see her last week?)

She turns 3 next week. She can gush tremendous rivers of tears one minute, then be laughing the next minute. But she does not cry tears of joy.

Tears of joy seem to require an adult sense of self-awareness.

William Frey, a biochemist at the University of Minnesota, proposed that people feel "better" after crying, due to the elimination of hormones associated with stress, specifically adrenocorticotropic hormone (Wikipedia).

Someone suggested to me last night that tears of joy are really tears of sadness that were waiting to be released.

Do you know anyone who has been dragging their feet at making a decision that they know would lead to greater happiness?

Is it possible they are afraid of being truly happy?

I would like to share with you a new website that made me truly happy to discover this week: - wow!

Shabbat Shalom

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