Friday, January 30, 2009

The Case of the Mezuza


Just had to share that with you!

Here's today's story....

Rabbi Weiner was stopped in the hallway the large apartment complex by a Gentile woman. "Rabbi, could you please come up to my apartment to check the mezuzah?"

Thinking he'd heard incorrectly, he asked the woman to repeat her request.

"I know you think it's strange, considering I'm not Jewish. But my Jewish friends told me if you put one of those mezuzahs on the doorpost, nothing bad can happen to you. They also told me it has to be checked by a rabbi twice in seven years."

Rabbi Weiner unscrewed the mezuzah case, took it off the wall, and looked inside, but there was no parchment. "Uh, was there something in here when you bought it?"

"Yes, there was. But I couldn't read the instructions, so I threw them away."

(Excerpted with permission from Major Impact! - 285 Short Stories with an Immediate Message from Targum Press)

Some mezuzah trivia for your table...
What’s written on the parchment inside a mezuzah?
On which doorway(s) of the house are mezuzahs affixed?
When you sell your house, what about the mezuzahs - part of the house or personal property?

Shabbat Shalom

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