Friday, April 03, 2020

What Connects Us?

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Here's your countdown to Pesach.

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I hope you and yours enjoyed last week's time travel to the future.

(And I trust that your TP didn't run out by then.)

This morning, someone who under normal circumstances works from home told me that he's finding it hard to stay focused.

Current events have a tendency to do that.

First question for your table: What would you advise him to do about it?

Just about everyone you talk to has their own interpretation of current events. I started keeping a list of such interpretations, and so far I'm up to 11.

Of those, here's the one I hear the least chatter about:

One of the undeniable elements of this historic period is the globalism. Have you noticed how - even during this crisis, even with the Olympics cancelled - there is a 20th Century-style international competition going on? China is trying to save face, various countries bluster, everyone's comparing how various countries are coping.

Could Covid-19 become the tipping point from competitive to cooperative globalization?

To help promote this very Jewish idea, today I'm launching a new 
MEGA campaign (not to be confused with MAGA).


Here's your opportunity to show what side you stand on - deck yourself out (and your family and friends) with capsmugspostcardscar magnetswater bottles.

Locally, today someone told me there has been an increase in people strolling around the neighborhood.

Question for your table: Why do you think that is?

Shabbat Shalom


Happy Pesach!

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