Monday, April 03, 2017

The Gamble

The purpose of this email is to burn that chametz.... Please forward, like, tweet....

You are PharaohLast time I sent some encouragement and suggestions about making your own Seder.

Then someone asked, "OK, but if you're going to be a guest at someone else's Seder, what's a recommended gift to bring?"

Let's see..... I guess wine and matzah are always safe....

But if they have kids, how about the new Exodus card game? Passover Bingo? The captivating Seder Night Miracle?

And even adults love those great crowd-pleasers, the 10-Plagues Finger Puppets.

Or you might try showing up in a Pharaoh costume (it's only 10 bucks) or perhaps come as the Plague of Frog?

(I personally think the Angel of Death has been underrepresented at the Seder.)

Of course, if it's an adults-only group, you may want to stick with an <> engaging Haggada.

Yes, it's here - The revised 2017 Art of Amazement Haggada.

New Haggada Sort of here.

The problem: when you look at the Amazon page, you see the new description but the old image. If you order it today, you will get one edition or the other in 2-days with Prime, I'm just not sure which one.

If you use the CreateSpace page, you will definitely get the new edition, but the fastest they say you can get it is next Monday - cutting it a bit close.

So no promises, unless you do our print-your-own-Haggada option (or get our 2017 Pesach Kit).

Alas, the struggle for perfection goes on. In the meantime, you might opt for a hostess-gift book that has already achieved perfection, such as
Rabbi Wohlberg's Un-Haggada.

Wishing you happy prepping....!

PS - If a podcast of my Pesach class, "Faster than Time" would help you get through the shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc., shoot me an email.

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