Friday, January 11, 2019

Not Half-Baked

The purpose of this blog is to bring absolute pleasure to the Friday Night dinner table. Please share.
Happy Birthday shout-outs this week to Marc and Joel in San Fran - until 120!

ChallaA riddle for your table, which happens to be the start of a true story:

During our first year
We were poor but we were rich
We were cold but we were warm
We were down but we were up!

Figure it out?

During our first year of marriage

We were poor...We were cold...We were down...

How poor were we? During our first winter, we found ourselves in a tiny, noisy ground-floor Jerusalem apartment that had no heat, no oven and no fridge.

It was cold enough outside that we were able to keep our milk in the outdoor electrical cabinet. That took care of the fridge.

One day we came home and found someone had left an old radiator-style electric heater by our front door.

It worked. We needed one less blanket at night.

We never found out who it was.

A week or so after that, we came home and found by the front door.... a super old, super beat-up oven.

The glass in the oven window slipped a bit, but as long as you tied the door shut with a wire, it worked.

My talented wife started baking the most glorious challa.

Her challa was so good, somehow word got out and other women asked if they could buy her challas every week.

Anyone who tasted her challa would throw their hands in the air and say, "I surrender. I forfeit. I'm not worthy."

So she did sell a few challas, but that oven was only big enough to bake one at a time, and we didn't even have room for a bigger oven, so it didn't become a real business..... yet....

Eventually when we had saved enough money to buy a new oven, I agreed to do so on one condition - that we keep the old oven for one week after the new one arrives.

(Bonus question for the table: Can you guess why?)

We did move. To a slightly larger space, also ground level. But in contrast to that first space, we felt like we were in a palace. We started inviting guests. We even held a Sheva Berachos in our itsy-bitsy Sukkah.

These memories are leading to two final questions for your table:

What's warmer, the world's greatest blanket or an amazing anonymous act of kindness?
Are comforts and pleasures always relative, or are some comforts and pleasures absolute?

Shabbat Shalom

PS - Did you "pass" last week's Rorschach Test?
 PPS - Yes that there challah is clickable... give it a try....

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