Friday, March 03, 2017

Proven to be the Greatest Jewish Joke Ever

The goal of this post is to crowd-source Jewish humor. For blessings and good luck yada-yada, please forward to your entire list.
Wishing Dede bat Sima a speedy and complete recovery.

God in the kitchenStop me if you've heard this one....

In Buenos Aires, two panhandlers are sitting on the ground, a few feet apart.

One wears a large cross. The other, a Star of David.

Needless to say, the plate of the former fills up quickly, with almost nothing in the plate of the latter.

After some time, a kindly priest passes and sizes up the situation. He turns to the Jewish beggar, "My son, you should put away that Star of David. You will never make enough money wearing that."

After he leaves, the Jewish beggar turns to the other with an annoyed look, saying in Yiddish, "Hey Merle, could you believe that guy, trying to tell us how to run our business?"

Greatest Jewish joke ever, right?

No? Got a better one?

(At our Purim celebration I always tell my father's favorite joke. If you want to hear it, you'll have to come over.)

This year we're making a contest for the best Jewish joke. Send it in and you may just win. Winning joke(s) will receive all the due honors thereof.

For your table tonight, 3 questions....

1. What makes a funny joke funny?
2. What makes a Jewish joke Jewish?
3. Why does Purim get all the fun?

(Hint, hint, hint...)

Shabbat Shalom

PS - All kidding aside, two of the great Purim mitzvot can be done online:

- Gifts to the poor - Here or here or here or ....
- Care packages to friends, neighbors, family - Amazon's selection

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