Friday, June 10, 2016

Yes, But Is It a Mitzvah?

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dumbbellsBig announcement this week!!

Before we go there, a question for your table:

Health and fitness is surely sensible, but is it a mitzvah?

(That's not an aside. It's a prep for the announcement. See if you can get everyone at your table to answer it before you read on.)

A couple years ago I compiled a source sheet of 18 nuggets Jewish wisdom on health and fitness, which has been available on our free teacher's resource site.

But in January this year, while I waited for my dissertation committee's action, for the first time I actually studied these sources, and increased the number from 18 to 40.

The result, completed this week, is a new book! Yay.

Health and Fitness – Is it a Mitzvah? 40 Weeks of Guidance and Advice from the Sages, Including Practical Exercises, on Caring for One's Physical Health

Now, the book isn't out yet. I believe there is a need and demand for this book, but how can I be sure?

Do you think this book is a good idea?

One way I could tell is if the crowd helps me publish it. In order to cover the expenses of publishing, the first pages of the book will be devoted to dedications.

If you would like to participate in the mitzvah of bringing it into the world, please sponsor a one-line ($18) quarter-page ($180), half-page ($500) or full-page dedication. Just click or tap "reply" to this email and let me know. (These are all tax-deductible donations.)

(By the way, the book includes some of the current scientific wisdom on confusing topics such as fat and cholesterol, and exercise, as well as a very useful food calorie index.)

Question #1 today, above, was "Is it a mitzvah?"

Let's end with a follow-up question:

What's the point of doing any mitzvah?

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach

PS - Tis the season for my 2008 "Galactic Torah" article, still online here.

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