Friday, June 03, 2016

Wonder Women

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Wonder_woman_logoToday we marked a bittersweet milestone.

It was the final session of Year 5 of our San Francisco women's Torah class, given Fridays via Skype.

Five years!

Just to give it perspective: these are busy women. The fact that they carve out an hour+ every Friday morning to come to a class with a virtual rabbi is nothing less than astonishing.

For me, it is always one the the highlights of the week.

I get to discuss highly interesting topics with highly intelligent people.

We call the class, "The Wisdom and Beauty of the Torah".

It is proof of the old adage that teachers often say, "I learn more than my students."

I am sure that is true. I appreciate them and the last session of the year is always bitter-sweet.

As a going-away present, I created for them an abriged version of Pirkei Avot to enjoy over the summer.

(If you would like a copy for your summer, shoot me a reply.)

Here's your 2 questions of the week (for your table, remember?):

1. Is the end of the school year sweet, bitter, or bitter-sweet?
2. Which is better - a summertime of learning or no learning?

Shabbat Shalom

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