Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Haggada off the Press

As promised last Friday, here's the update on the new 2014 Art of Amazement Haggada and Passover Kit!

Haggada coverThis innovative haggada turns you into a master story teller. Rather than placing commentary below the text, The Art of Amazement Haggada embeds the midrashic details into the text.
“Haggada” means “telling the story” and this haggada will empower you with the mastery of Midrash to keep your participants glued to their seats.
Completely revised and updated for 2014!
Designed and cross-referenced to be used with the participant “Freedom” edition, but will go well with any other haggados.
  • Almost everything is transliterated and translated. Very little Hebrew.
  • Suggestions of what parts to skip for less-religious or younger audience
  • Midrashim and questions are embedded in the text so instead of looking down at footnotes or at a different book, it’s all there for you.
  • Different suggested questions for 2nd Seder
  • 12 Tips on how to prepare for and run a successful, engaging Seder.
To learn more about the Art of Amazement Haggada, including how to get a print-it-yourself PDF, click here.
To learn about the JSL Passover Kit click here.

Or cut to the chase and order your hard copies here:

1. Leader’s Edition — Paperback binding (
2. Leader’s Edition — Spiral binding (longer delivery time)
3. Participant’s Edition — Paperback binding (

Feeling a bit of Pesachphobia, also known as haggadaphobia and sometimes referred to as sederphobia?

You can conquer that fear with the new 2014 edition of the Art of Amazement Haggada.

PS - Our public service site has been stocked with links to great Pesach books and gifts, even matzah, believe it or not.

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