Friday, April 04, 2014

Getting in Touch With Your Inner Only Kid

The goal of this email is to lighten up your Friday night dinner table. Please print and share.

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beard 2People ask what kinds of new props, toys and gifts I get each year for our Pesach Seder.

(Since my kids don't have internet access, I believe I can safely send this information without them finding out.)

First, inexpensive narrative props from Windy City Novelties:

Egyptian Pharaoh Hat - that's an obvious one.
Bloody Hand Print Window Clings - an interesting alternative to the usual cup of blood
Wild Animal Finger Puppets - guess what plague?
Metallic sun glasses - will bring them out when I mention how "for the children of Israel, there was no thunderstorm or hail, they were just enjoying a nice sunny day"
Death's Dagger - for the Death of Firstborn plague
Droopy Eye Glasses - also for Firstborn
Jumbo Diamond Child Size Rings - for when the Israelites leave town with "much wealth"
Black Beard with Elastic Band - OK, I haven't figured out how to use this one.

And that's my first question for you and your table - What's the best use of that last prop at the Seder?

Second, my Amazon list:

The stunning new book by our favorite Jewish kids book illustrator Gadi Pollock, From Darkness to Light.
The new Suspend game
Juggling Matza Balls (maybe I'll connect to plague of Hail)
Seder Plate Jigsaw Puzzle
For plague of Pestilence - animal magnets
For an adult: Rabbi Wohlberg's Un-Haggada
Gluten Free Hand Dipped Chocolate Coconut Macaroons OK, my parental health-conscience didn't permit me to order these, but if they happened to show up in our mailbox, I'm sure no one would object....

Third, here's an interesting question for your table tonight:

You know how the last song of the Passover Seder is Chad Gadya  - An Only Kid?

Ever stop to wonder what that's all about?

My father bought for 2 zuzim?

Then came the cat that ate the kid??

Hello? What kind of cat was that? A bobcat?

And then a dog bit the cat? Sounds nice but why?

The story is obviously symbolic. Each character (animals, a stick, a fire, the Angel of Death etc.) represents a major event in Jewish history.

Looking forward to your answers.

If you want my answer, you'll have to get the Art of Amazement Haggada (

( Downloadable PDF version available here; full JSL Passover Kit downloadable here.)
Feeling a bit of Pesachphobia, also known as haggadaphobia and sometimes referred to as sederphobia?

Conquer that fear with the new 2014 edition of the Art of Amazement Haggada.

Shabbat Shalom

PS - Our public service site has more links to great Pesach books and gifts, even matzah, believe it or not.

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