Friday, September 09, 2011

2 Minutes, 2 Checks

Pouring, pouring rain.
Easily seven inches
A world waterlogged.

(My apologies to those who don't like haiku.)


(Did he say spiders?)

Yes, spiders. There has been a burst of spider activity this week. The most stunning webs glistening with raindrops. Here's a photo of Goldy with a giant one on our front porch:
As time keeps on slipping towards Rosh Hashana, last week I challenged someone to make two immediate changes in her daily life in preparation.

Because of the order in which I said them, she reacted quite negatively to the first one. She hardly let me continue to tell the second one. But then, when she heard the second one, she completely got it. She even apologized (unnecessarily) for her first reaction. She even phoned me later to apologize again (unnecessarily).

So this time around, I'm going to switch the order for you, Dear Reader.

Change #1:

1. Choose a time during the day when you could most likely find two extra minutes.
2. Between now and Rosh Hashana, take two full minutes every day when you do nothing else besides focus on something good in your life. Clock it - make sure it's a full 120 seconds.

Think you could do it?

Think it would be good for you?

Change #2: Sometime during the day (maybe before you go to bed), give yourself a check (on a calendar or chart).

If you did the 2 minutes, give yourself a second check.

Now, here's the question for your dinner table tonight: What's the first check for?

Here's a contribution from a reader who knows how to take 2 minutes:

The sun is just beginning to spread 
it's pinkish silvery sheen across the still strait 
outside my rustic cabin window. My bed, 
made from thick timber logs, 
looks as if it was made for Pappa Bear: soaring 40 inches from the floor:
I can view the panorama of wooded islands and distant snow capped mountains 
all from my cozy aerie. My "cliff" cabin 
is truthfully named: at the end of the road, 
its perch plunges into the water below. 
A small gnarled madroƱa tree,
the calls of herons and seagulls 
punctuate the serenity.

Q2 for your table: If you can't the wherewithal to take two minutes, what are you living for?

Shabbat Shalom

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