Friday, August 25, 2017

Hug a Tree?

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leafy treeDid you know....

Methane is a worse greenhouse gas than CO2?

In fact, CO2 isn't altogether bad. CO2 feeds our trees and plants. They love CO2, and the more CO2 they get, the more oxygen they make.

But methane is the bad stuff. And a lot of it comes from cows.

Now, it has been discovered that if you add a tiny bit of a certain type of seaweed to cow fodder, the cow will produce 95 percent less methane.

That's interesting.

It has also been recently discovered that Israelis have the world's worst iodine-deficiency. This is because they drink artificallly-produced, iodine-depleted drinking water (desalinated) instead of relying on the rainfall....

That's also interesting.

The Torah says we should protect our trees, and by extension, anything that has value.

Now that we know about food webs and ecosystems, what doesn't have value?

Shabbat Shalom

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