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Can a Bribe Be Ethical? (Let's say it's for good intentions...)

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Continuing to wish a speedy recovery to Tamar Adina bas Kayna Shulamis and to Ruth bat Sarah.
Happy 11th birthday to Devorah!

bribeIn honor of 2017, a new feature this week.

At the end of the email, there will be both a basic question for your table and....

an ADVANCED question. Don't worry, we'll try to keep it not-too-difficult.

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Now, here's a lead question for your table:

What should you do when there is another student in the class who is disruptive?

Do you:

A) Tell them to settle down?
B) Tell them they are bothering you?
C) Complain to the teacher?
D) Complain to the Principal?
E) All of the above?
F) Something else?
G) Do nothing?

According to our newly-turned-seven-year-old, the correct answer is....F - something else.

For week's she had been complaining about a certain girl in her class who was constantly disruptive and rude to the teacher.

Our daughter is very sensitive to this sort of thing.

Finally, a couple weeks ago, the school found a solution - they bumped the trouble-maker up a grade!

So yesterday I asked our daughter, "How is it going now?"

"Well, since they moved that girl into second grade, now another trouble-maker has stepped up to take her place."

Based on the evidence she provided, an email was crafted and sent to Admin to ask them to look into the matter.

So today's converation went something like this:

"How did it go today?"

"A little bit better. That girl is still misbehaving, but not as much. So I keep telling her, her prize is getting smaller....!"

"What prize?"

"I offered her a prize if she stops misbehaving."

"You what? What are you talking about?"

"A few weeks ago I offered her a prize."

"A few weeks ago? So this has been going on for a long time? Where....when...did you do this?"

"In the bathroom. I told her, if she behaves nicely she's going to get a prize."

"What's the prize?"

"I don't know yet. We'll see. Every time she behaves nicely the prize gets bigger. And every time she does not behave nicely, the prize gets smaller."

This revelation of my daughter's clandestine intervention in the management of her first-grade classroom left me speechless.

The question for your table: How should I react (if at all)?

Advanced question: what does this anecdote have to do with this week's parsha?

Shabbat Shalom

PS - advanced video

PPS - Thanks to those who responded to last week's "word from our sponsor".

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