Friday, March 18, 2016

It's a Steal

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7-eleven-byo-cup-day-a2bacfcf15e94a88Someone asked me today: Are you going to 7-11?

What was she talking about?

Evidently, for some reason today 7-11 will let you fill any container you can carry with their famous Slurpee.

Some people show up with fish bowls.

It causes long lines.

Now, I can provide enough Slurpee for my entire family with the extra-large cup. Why would I even want any more than that?

Evidently, people just love the idea of "free".

Question for your table: Is this a Jewish ethic?

It is told of the famous Chafetz Chaim that once upon a time he was at a rabbinic conference in Warsaw and needed paper to take some notes. On the table at the home where he was staying, there was a small piece of paper. He asked whose it was?

People who heard the question said, "Surely whoever owns that paper would be happy for the Rav to use it! Besides, it has little value!"

The Chafetz Chaim replied, "True, the piece of paper may have little value, but the material for teh prosecuting Angel that would be created by such a lapse in sensitivity to another person's property could destroy all of Warsaw!"

That is the Torah ethic - that we should develop such sensitivity to other people's property, even greater than our desire for "free".

Shabbat Shalom 

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