Friday, February 27, 2015

High Guise

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Leafy_Seadragon_Phycodurus_eques_2500px_PLW_editWhat do you see in this picture? Seaweed?

If there were a prize for the world’s best camouflage, it would surely go to the sea dragon, a fish in the waters off southern Australia.

Australians call them "leafies". Those leafy things all over its body seem to have no purpose other than to make it look a like a floating piece of seaweed.

It's good enough a disguise to fool bigger fish. These guys rarely rarely get eaten.

To be extra safe, some also change their color, like a chameleon!

But they can’t fool humans! Divers can spot them and were collecting them to near extinction before the Australian government banned all seadragon collecting.

But humanity has created two new ways to threaten them: pollution and habitat destruction.

The babies are particularly fragile. Like their sea horse cousins, the daddy seadragon cares for the babies. The mommy uses a special tube to place 150-250 eggs into special pits on his tail. Each egg gets its own pit. The daddy carries them around for a month or so until they hatch. They let him know they’re ready to be born by turning purple or orange. He then shakes his tail and rubs it against rocks to help them hatch.

Question for your table — We know why sea dragons wear camouflage; but why do people wear masks? Do they want to blend in or do they want to be noticed?

Shabbat Shalom

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