Friday, July 26, 2013

Hidden Miracle?

Hidden in Plain SightAs presented a few weeks ago, your Table Talk is in summer L'Chaim mode.

The suggestion is this:

At some point during the Shabbat meal, pour everyone their favorite beverage for a l'chaim.

But ask them not to drink until after you finish the story. Make this a ritual every Friday night, and your family will look forward to it.

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L’Chaim Story
Parshat Eikev

“Hidden Miracles”

Rabbi Shlomo of Bobov heard of a Jew from a distant community who was on his way to Sanz, but had fallen seriously ill.

The man was lying in strange lodgings with no one to care for him, and his life was in danger. Rabbi Shlomo hurried to place the man under the care of the city’s best doctors. The doctors did their utmost to cure the man, whose illness was affecting his lungs, but their efforts did not help. They despaired of the patient’s life.

“He has no lungs left,” one of the doctors said. “There is no hope.”

Upon hearing this, Rabbi Shlomo went to his grandfather, Rabbi Chaim Halberstam, crying, “The patient is in very bad shape. The doctors have given up on him. Mercy!”

Rabbi Chaim seized Rabbi Shlomo’s coat and said, “Why are you crying to me? The doctors do not decree what God does. If the man has no lungs, God can create a new one for him. Go to the patient and wish him a speedy recovery!”

Rabbi Shlomo returned to the sick man and told him what the tzaddik had said. ....

For copyright reasons, the rest of the story may not be displayed here, but we'll be happy to send it along, just send an email.
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Shabbat Shalom

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Excerpted and adapted with permission from Stories My Grandfather Told Me, Vol. 5, © 2001 ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications. All rights reserved. Get the book here.

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