Friday, January 18, 2013

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The goal of this blog is stimulate a more penetrating conversation at your Shabbat table. Don't read it now - print and share!


OK, let's have the truth (today's first question for your table):

Who - sorry whom - do you prefer:

A. Lance-the-suspected-PED-abusing-teammate-and-journalist-bullying-Tour-de-France-Champ Armstrong or...

B. Lance-the-convicted-and-banned-but-still-bullying Armstrong or....

C. Lance-the-confessed-and-partially-apologetic Armstrong???

D. None of the above?

Perhaps you're waiting for Lance-the-totally-repentant-Mr.-Nice-Guy Armstrong ??

Sorry, if he was truly repentant, he would have looked at the camera and said, "I cheated, it was stupid, I am sorry."

Amstrong2To some, this looked like a staged PR event to save his $100 million brand.

So here's Question 2 for your table:

What do you think? Was his confession real, or no more trustworthy than the cheating that got him here?

And finally, the inevitable Question 3:

What do our answers to Q1 and Q2 say about you and me?

[Soapbox: LA's mistake was not the cheating per se. The cheating was a symptom of an underlying confusion. He was, and apparently still is, confused about the definition of greatness. He thought that greatness = looking good, and didn't or doesn't realize that greatness = being good. See Chapter 7 of The Art of Amazement.]

Shabbat Shalom 

PS - An Onion classic

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