Friday, January 15, 2010

Are You Sleeping?

Dedicated in honor of the recent birth of Akiva Simcha Rosenstock. Wishing his parents only nachas from him! Mazal tov!

Two Haiti relief funds:

Don’t stop to think about it too much, just give something. They need funds now.

OK, now that you’ve done your good deed of the day, you can get back to the ballgame….

Anything wrong with that last sentence?

Here’s an angle on the quake that you may not have heard.

Patrick Charles, former Professor of the University of Havana, predicted in 2008 that there would be a massive earthquake in Port-au-Prince. The geology of the region is well known. There have been massive earthquakes there before. He sized up the faults and gave a warning.

Don't believe it? Google it, you'll see many references. He made his prediction in September, 2008.

The failure reminds us of the failure to stop the December 25 almost-terrorist. They had the information, but didn’t stop him. Or the 9/11 terrorists who were taking flying lessons but didn't want to learn how to land.

First question for your table: Why isn’t anyone listening to these intelligent warnings?

Question #2 – let’s make it personal. If you read that a credible scientist was warning about an imminent earthquake in your city, and no one was listening, what would you do?

Shabbat Shalom

PS – to read about Israel’s Haiti response, click here.

PPS – in case you missed last week’s repeat of the “Big Announcement”….

I have launched the fourth, revised and expanded edition of the Art of Amazement.

If you have one of the old editions, you’re probably going to enjoy the new. If you know someone who might enjoy it and have been wondering where to get a new copy, search no more. And if you’ve never read it....I, I just don’t know what to say!

Check out the snazzy new cover here.

“We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival. We shall show mercy, but we shall not ask for it. We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.” - Churchill

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