Friday, December 18, 2009

Darkest Before the Dawn

In honor of my beloved wife, who delivered a healthy girl to the world
Wednesday night (sorry, big-brother Avrami!). Holding her for the first
time, I was thinking, "How could anyone hold a newborn baby and not consider
this a complete miracle?"

Here's a trivia question you can ask at your table:

What is, quite literally, the darkest time of the year?

Most people who know a little bit about astronomy would say Dec 21/22,
because that's when we have our longest night and shortest day in the
northern hemisphere.

Those people would be wrong most of the time.

Why? Because sometimes Dec 21 is accompanied by a full moon. The full moon
is quite bright.

Rather, the darkest time of the year is around the new moon CLOSEST to the

Think about it.

And that's exactly when Hannuka falls on the luni-solar Jewish calendar.

That's Hannuka: At the darkest time of the year - light a candle.

When times are dark, be a candle.

Light a candle, be a candle.

Think about it.

We haven't named our daughter yet, but we are thrilled that she joins us
during Hannuka. We hope we'll be able to give her what she needs (including
an appropriate name) to grow up worthy of the auspicious timing.

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Hannuka!

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