Friday, March 06, 2009

Random Talk

Once again, the calendar comes back to Purim, next Monday night.

You know what that means, right....? (It means Passover is only a month away....)

Question for your table: What’s the difference between Purim and Halloween?


- On Halloween, people put costumes on their kids and take them to people’s homes to ask for candy.
- On Purim we put costumes on our kids and take them to people’s home to give them tasty food baskets.

Think about it.

Last year, many Table Talk readers responded to my call for Purim baskets to Jewish soldiers in Iraq and elsewhere.

This year, I don’t have an updated list.

But I do have an easy way to create a lot of simcha: Yad Eliezer.

Maimonides opines that one should spend more on gifts to the poor than on one’s own Purim celebration, because giving gifts to the poor creates the most happiness.

The second best way to create happiness: go to a local Purim party. Don’t know where to go? Send me an email.

The third best way to create happiness: watch the videos that I painstakingly gather for your enjoyment.

If you didn’t take the 3 minutes to watch one of last week’s vids, they are perma-linked here.

If you want some happy new stuff for you and the kids, watch these:

Shabbat Shalom

Happy Purim

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