Friday, February 08, 2008


A true story: Rabbi Dovid Luria (17th Century) was tried in Russia, falsely accused of treason. When the judges deliberated, they did so in French because no one else in the courtroom understood.

Rabbi Luria, upon hearing the French, put his fingers in his ears.

The judges demanded an explanation for his strange behavior.

“Your honors were speaking French in order to deliberate in private. Since I understand French, I felt that to listen in without your permission would be tantamount to theft.”

When they heard it, they freed him immediately. They agreed it would be impossible for someone with that level of commitment to truth to be guilty of treason.

Question for your table: What’s your definition of a great person?

Here are some possible qualities:


What would you add to or subtract from the list?

We have an ancient tradition that none of us can achieve our full spiritual potential without spending significant time with a role model such as Rabbi Luria. Who is or was your “greatness guru”?

Shabbat Shalom.

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