Friday, October 26, 2007


This Table Talk is dedicated to the complete recovery of Mindel Sara bat Chaya Nechama Sheindel who had cancer removed from her brain this week.
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Do try this at home.

Pretend that this world is a virtual reality game. It was created just for you. Everything that happens in the world is customized to maximize YOUR experience. But not just the things that happen to you directly, even the indirect things.

For example, today’s weather is happening to you directly. This weather is for you (like it or not)! For some reason, you needed to experience this weather, in order to react to it.

But what about the weather in another city? What if, for example, you hear about a storm or a wildfire etc. that is happening to someone else?

Well, that’s happening to you to – but what’s happening to you is that you are hearing about it. For some reason, you needed to hear about that event, in order to react to it.

In the old days, we had prophets to tell us that a storm’s a-comin’. Nowadays, we have the National Weather Service.

Three questions:

How did you react when you heard about the San Diego fires?

If you were living there, how would you want people far away to react?

What are you doing about it now?

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1. Chabad is providing food parcels to people who were evacuated to Qualcomm Stadium and other areas. They had trucks packed with kosher food drive down from Los Angeles (food was provided by Kosher Club and Jeff's Gourmet Sausage in L.A.). They are also procuring food from local caterers in San Diego. This food is being distributed to evacuated individuals throughout the area.

2. Chabad had experience in fire disasters based on a San Diego fire a few years ago, and has therefore set up a relief center that helps those evacuated fill out the proper forms and go through the process of getting their lives back on track.

3. Finally, they are providing small cash donations to individuals who have been evacuated and need some money for the immediate future.

You can learn more about their work by going to the Chabad Day School web site.

The web site also enables you to contribute via PayPal to their relief effort. Every dollar collected for relief will go toward relief.

Alternatively, you can send a check to:

Chabad of San Diego
ATTN: Rabbi Yonah Fradkin – Fire Fund
10785 Pomerado Road
San Diego, CA 92131

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And what does all this have to do with the big picture?

The Big Picture:

Shabbat Shalom.

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