Friday, October 22, 2021

Anabolic Asteroids?

The purpose of this blog is to get full impact at the Friday night dinner table. Please print and share...

As if last week's space rock story was too far-fetched to get the attention at the table, now we have another extraordinary anxiety-fueling space rock tale.

Presently, several astroids are passing within not-quite-alarming distances from the earth:

• A couple weeks ago, asteroid 2021TT1 passed within 300,000 miles of Earth. On the one hand, that's nearly as close as the Moon. On the other hand, this asteroid is just 34 meters in diameter. On the other hand, that's large enough to destroy a small city.
• On Wednesday night this week, asteroid 1996VB3 - larger than the height of the Golden Gate Bridge's towers - passed within around 2 million miles of us.
• On Monday next week, asteroid 2017SJ20 will pass about 4 million miles away.

Here's a simulation.

If one of these things were indeed heading straight for the Earth, could we stop it with any known technology?

Evidently not.

So now here's where we give you an provocative question for your table.

No, we're not going to ask you what would you do if an asteroid were headed straight for your city. 


What if all the best scientists concurred that a small asteroid were headed straight for the city that you personally consider the most wicked in the world? What would you do?

For your table.... would you: ...pray for Divine intervention? ...await the impact with glee? ...ignore? Shabbat Shalom PS - When shopping at Amazon, please use and support this blog by choosing Jewish Spiritual Literacy as your designated charity. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases - it doesn't sound like much, but if everyone reading this did so, that would translate to hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars.
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